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Homeschooling Consulting Services

An Individualized Approach

Your family has its own needs, challenges, hopes, dreams, and personal dynamics.  The type of support you need to homeschool is unique to your family.    Below are some of the services that Growing in Freedom Homeschooling Consulting can offer your family.  Since we take an individualized approach, if you don't see exactly what you need here, send an email or book a free consultation to discuss your family's needs.


Is Homeschooling Right for Us?

Homeschooling is on your radar but you're not sure if it's right for your family.  In this  session, we will explore why you are considering homeschooling, why you're unsure, and help you to gain clarity about whether you want to homeschool at all.


Finding your style

This is a 50-minute session designed to determine the style of homeschooling that feels right to you or is where you want to start.  There are many ways for children to learn outside of school.  It will include consideration of your state's regulations, your goals for your children, your child's temperament, and your own.  Your homeschooling style will likely change over time as you determine what works for your family and as you become more comfortable with the whole process but this session will help you know where you want to start. ​

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Let's Go!

You don't know what you're doing, but you're ready to get started!  I'll fill you in on the homeschooling regulations in your state, help you with any paperwork that you need to get started, and we'll create a plan together.  This package includes: a 30-minute session to help you determine your style of homeschooling so you know where to start,  an inventory of your child's interests, goals, and other factors that will affect your homeschooling plan Letter of intent to homeschool if required in your state and other initial state-required paperwork. General overview of your homeschooling plan, individualized for your family A 30-minute follow up session to help you implement your plan

Weekly Coaching for Teens


In my work with teens, I have found that being part of a program that includes weekly coaching is imperative for helping them stay on track and accountable to their goals.   A teen's homeschool curriculum may be impacted by their state's homeschooling regulations, their desire to go to college or art school, or other goals that they have for themselves.  Teens benefit from having a trusted person outside of their family to help them set goals and meet them.




Homeschooling doesn't mean you have to do all of the work yourself.  Rivka is certified to teach pre-K through 6th grade and is available for regular tutoring.  


Teen Advising

We all can benefit from having someone to help keep us accountable to our goals.  A teen's homeschool curriculum may be impacted by their state's homeschooling regulations, their desire to go to college or art school, or other goals that they have for themselves.  Sometimes teens need someone outside of their family to bounce ideas off of and help advise them.

Teens can also use this time to work with Rivka to polish up their writing or to discuss a book on history or politics rather than reading it alone-which also helps to keep them accountable.


Customized Curriculum

This service is for a family who wants something tailor-made for their child without having to do everything themselves.  You may choose a customized plan for one subject or for all.  You may choose a subject that your child is passionate about or you may choose a subject that they are less motivated in, to help make the subject more interesting.  It may include researching field trips in your area to supplement the curriculum.  Families can sign up for personal tutoring or coaching to supplement the service.   You can decide how much planning you want to do yourselves and how much you would like done for you.

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